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PLANEly Safety

AviatorSMS is a dynamic and customizable web based safety software system that allows airports, airlines or MRO to manage aviation safety, security, quality, environment and compliance to various international and state regulations.

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It covers all 4 Pillars of Safety

Safety Policy

Safety Assurance

Risk Management

Safety Promotion

AviatorSMS is a dynamic and customisable web based application to manage Aviation SMS programs for ICAO/ACI/DGCA compliance.

Safety Policy

Safety Policy module allows you to build your SOPs or other documents in a simple and intuitive manner.

Safety Assurance

The goal of ICAO SA is to ensure the highest level of aviation safety possible by applying the best available science and technology to existing tools, processes and systems. The main objective is to reduce risk through the development and implementation of actions to prevent or mitigate any potential hazards that could affect aviation safety.

Satisfies SMS Requirements for

  • ICAO
  • IATA
  • ACI
  • EASA
  • CASA
  • FAA
  • DGCA

Risk Management

This module can be used to help you manage your risks. It allows you to quantify the risk, evaluate its severity, and assign it a tolerance level. You can also choose from several different types of risk management strategies—such as those based on probability or severity—and implement them in your company.

Safety Promotion

Safety promotion module provides information and education regarding safety practices, as well as ways to promote safety among employees.

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Aviator SMS has really changed the way we look at managing safety related aspects in our airport. It is userfriendly and well suited for a busy airport like us.

Ravikrishnan A

BIAL Safety Manager

Your Aviation Safety

need not rely on a pile of papers and forgotten policies and documents.

Accountable Executive can

  • See all the needed information at a single glance
  • Focus on mitigating risk to as low as reasonably practical
  • See the impact of every risk involved and ensure SMS objectives are met.

Employee Community can

  • Capture hazards and relay the info to relevant authorities
  • Receive automated alerts & take remedial action in real-time
  • Improve safety in the workplace by taking a proactive role.

Concessionaires can

  • Keep up to date registry of their equipment’s and hazardous materials
  • Access relevant safety protocols and policies
  • Train their staff to make a safe work environment a reality

Speed up all processes!

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