How does the AviatorSMS reporting system work?

AviatorSMS is an easy-to-use hazard and incident reporting tool to report, classify, track and monitor various aviation events of concern.

Anyone can report a safety observation using the voluntary reporting form via the web or the mobile app. Voluntary reporting encourages users to report anonymously, without fear of any punitive actions against them.

Hazard and Incidents have a number of fields and it is necessary to capture all of this data to make it into meaningful information. However, it will be difficult and time-consuming for one user to report all of this data at one time. AviatorSMS distributed data makes it easy, depending upon the user’s role only certain amounts of data need to be reported.
As the hazard/incident progress through various workflow levels more and more information is captured to get the complete picture of that particular event.

The most unique feature of AviatorSMS is the dynamic screen management. AviatorSMS has the ability to change the screen fields, depending upon the needs of the implementing organisation the system allows new fields to be added or existing unused fields to be removed without the need for any programming.