Marshalling Batons

Aircraft marshalling batons wands, come in various types and designs, each serving the same fundamental purpose of communicating signals to pilots during ground operations.

Some different types of marshalling batons/ Wand that are commonly used:

1. Lighted Wand/ Baton with Illuminated Tips Illuminated tips (usually LED lights)
2. Lighted Glove Baton
3. Telescopic Baton: Telescopic batons have retractable sections, which can extend for better visibility and be collapsed for convenient storage.
4. Interchangeable Signaling Tips: Interchangeable tips, allowing the marshaller to switch between various shapes or colors to convey different signals.
5. Battery-Powered
6. Solar-Powered : Environmentally friendly options may use solar panels to recharge the batteries during daylight hours, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements.

The choice of marshalling wands depends on factors like the airport’s procedures, the needs of the aircraft being marshaled, and the preference of the ground crew.

a) Regular maintenance and ensuring that the equipment is in good working condition are crucial to aviation safety.
b) Effective marshalling equipment and procedures are critical for ensuring the safe and efficient movement of aircraft on the ground.
c) Addressing the challenges associated with equipment reliability, visibility, and communication is equally important to maintain the highest level of safety in aircraft marshalling operations.

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